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Fishing Permit in Asturias

Information about fishing licences, regulations and applications.

To exercise fishing activities in Asturias it is necessary to possess a fishing license, individual and not transferable document with holder name, issued by Vice-Council of Environment and Town and Country Planning. The types of licences, their using  and procedure for their obtaining are determined under regulations.

To exercise fishing activities in preserves in addition to the license it is required to have a fishing permit, not transferable document with holder name, issued by the Directorate General for Natural Resources and Environmental Protection. The possession of permit grants the right to exercise fishing in the zone that is stated in the permission. Its fee is determined under regulations. In the same way, the award procedure is compiled in annual regulations that guarantee the principle of equality of opportunities for all citizens, by means of the appropriate publicity offers, dates, periods and the opportune public drawing.

The permits are divided in the following types:

- Tourist Permit: It is destined to promote tourism. It is distributed among foreign and communitarian fishermen. The Administration might ask for the document justifying declared nationality.  

- General Permit: It is addressed to national fishermen or citizens of the European Union whenever they have not taken part in the drawing of tourist permits.


Regulations and Applications

Decision of 19 July 2005 of the Council of Environment and Town and Country Planning, on Approval of requirements governing the award of freshwater fishing permits in salmon, trout and sea trout preserves.  

Since 2005 the application for fishing license, as well as the selection and the application for fishing permit can be made in the following way:

- In person in the centres dependent on the Council of Environment, Town and Country Planning and Infrastructures (outlying districts and Administrative Building of Multiple Services).

- By Internet, through the web portal of the Principality (

- By telephone, through the Citizen Care Service (SAC) at telephone number   012 within Asturias and at number 985 27 91 00 outside from Asturias. This service is not available for preserves selection solely for application for fishing licenses and permits.


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